Security Printing Corporation Ltd. - Bangladesh - Workshop Chillers

Installation Date: Sept. 2018
Job Site: Bangladesh
Job Type: Workshop
Job Scale: 215,300 square ft.

What GRAD offered?

2 sets of 400RT falling film water cooled chiller, 1 set of round cross flow FRP cooling tower, 4 water pumps and other accessories for the installation.

Customer Comments:

The falling film water cooled chillers replaced two Trane centrifugal chillers. When compared with the Trane centrifugal chillers, the GRAD falling film chillers offered better performance and higher efficiency. GRAD was able offer a more robust and cost effective product when compared with other products on the market. Since the customer did not have the technical capabilities to install the product, GRAD on two occasions went to the site to assist with the installation. Our technicians were patient and competent, and the installation went smoothly.