Cooling Capacity: 1.80 - 12.6kW

Heating Capacity: 2.70 - 18.9kW

Air Flow: 340 - 2380m3/h

Outlet Static Pressure: 20Pa, 30Pa, 50Pa

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Advanced Central Air Conditioning

With the function of humidification, GRAD’s Humidity Fan Coil Unit meets the requirements for humidity and temperature.

The fan coil unit is the ideal terminal product of central air conditioning system. It consists of heat exchanger, strainer, fan, water pans, exhaust air valve and support.

It can meet the demands of cooling, heating, or humidification to create a fresh, quiet, and comfortable environment.

It continuously exchanges the central heating or cooling air with indoor air to keep a constant room temperature.  Air flow and temperature is more even.

It provides faster heating rate than traditional heating radiator.

Silent operation makes the living / working environment more comfortable.

The fan coil unit can be divided into two types: high efficiency and standard.

The standard fan coil meets requirements of the national standard.

The performance parameters of the high efficiency fan coil tube are better than the national standard requirement by more than 20%.

LCD screen and remote controller available for more convenient operation.

Safe and Reliable, Long Life Span

The heat exchanger of each FCU has been tested by leak-check at working pressure. The water in/outlet (water collecting head) applies forging brass structure, which is reliable and durable.

The water condensing plate is painted, and the thin long bearing for the motor has been treated specially to avoid rust.

The motor applies super low noise bearing, which can keep working for as much as 35,000 hours without adding oil or maintenance.

All the materials are fireproof.

It adopts motor passed UL, which guarantees the product quality.

High Efficiency and Full Energy

Multiple functions: cooling, heating and humidification.

The cooling coils adopt double flanging aluminum fin strung by seamless red copper tube. They are expanded into one to improve the heat transferring efficiency and to enrich the heating and cooling capacity.

Optimized tube design and double open sides hydrophilic aluminum fins make a higher heat exchanging rate.

Multi-specification fans could meet different air volume demands.

Product diversity better caters for installation way and building types.

High performance ratio.

Upwind flow design greatly enhances its cooling performance.

It is easy to mount, demount, maintain, and is of reliable performance.

High Air Volume and Low Noise

Adopts super wide volute and multiple steel plate blades centrifugal fan.

There are many priority matching methods for fan and motor, which can meet requirements of various FCU models.

Optimized fan and motor for higher efficiency and lower noise.

Adjustable fresh air volume.

Technical Data

Dimensional Diagrams

Electrical Control Principle for FCU


It can be widely used in high standard hotels, homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, shopping malls, factories, service centers, and other residential or commercial buildings.



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