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GRAD's Cabinet Air Conditioning unit has a compact structure and beautiful appearance. It is characterized by safety, reliability, environmental protection, energy saving and convenient installation. The unit is divided into air-cooled single-cooling type, air-cooled heat pump type, air-cooled electric heating type, water-cooled air supply and other types. It has the functions of refrigeration, heating, dehumidification and humidification, which can achieve precise control of indoor environmental temperature.



Unit Features

Customized Design

For cabinet air conditioning unit, air volume, wind pressure, air inlet and outlet mode, left and right nozzles and even external dimensions can be customized according to design requirements.

Running Quietly

The unit adopts a fully enclosed flexible scroll compressor and is equipped with a shock absorber. The unit also adopts a low-noise centrifugal fan, which has good air supply efficiency.


The unit features flexible vortex compressors, with liquid impact proof ability, high efficiency, low noise, stable performance and reliable operation.

Shell and Tube Condenser

It applies shell and tube type, with single or multiple cold loop design. The refrigerant can condense in the shell tube and release heat and the condensed water can absorb heat.

Finned Condenser

Aluminum Fins apply secondary stamping flanging technology and double corrugate shape sheet technology. The aluminum fins can combine firmly with the copper tubes by mechanical pipe expansion process, which achiees optimal heat exchanging effect.

Novel Design and Light Weight

The structural design of the unit makes full use of the mechanical principle to design the sheet metal, which makes the unit’s outer dimensions smaller, the unit weight is reduced, and it is easy to hoist and transport.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant

The unit can use environmentally friendly refrigerants, such as R407C, R410a, etc., to meet the requirements of users with strict requirements for refrigerants.

High-Efficiency Centrifugal Fan

The fan can be directly driven by an outer rotor motor or a belt driven fan, which has the advantages of low noise, large air volume, high efficiency and compact structure.

Operation & Safety Devices

Low & High Pressure Switch

It protects the compressor from damage caused by over high pressure or too low pressure.

The Oil Heating Zone

There is an electric heater on each compressor, which can work after the compressor stops to protect the refrigerant from dilution caused by mixing with the oil.

Temperature Control

It can automatically keep the unit at a certain temperature.

Dry Filter

It can filter the impurities in the system and absorb the moisture in the refrigerant system, which has the features of very large effective fluid area and very low pressure drop.

Thermostatic Expansion Valve

It can control the refrigerant flow rate to match with the chiller’s requirements.

Overload Protector

As the motor loading flow is over its rated value, it will stop the motor and protect it from damage.


Sheet metal structure, fixed, reliable and anti-corrosive.

AC Transient Protector

It prevents the compressor from reverse or owe phase operation caused by too high or too low voltage.


All the parts will be assembled on the base in the factory, and we will finish the refrigerant pipe piping and all the necessary wire connection work of power supply wires and control wires.


The out protection boards are made of galvanized steel sheet. The out surface will be plastic spraying and painting after its formation, which is anti-corrosive and elegant.

Trial Run

It contains the pressure test, vacuum pumping test and refrigerant filling test. It will operate and debug at the testing station in our factory.

Production Capacity

Advanced Control System

Select well-known brand microcomputer controller–Bangpu/Card, with perfect automatic control function, multiple operation mode selection, automatic fault detection and precise control of room temperature to meet energy saving and process requirements.

Easy to operate, the unit can be operated automatically by simply pressing the switch. Remote control is also possible. Wide temperature type electrical components, the microcomputer controller can operate stably and reliably under the ambient temperature of -15 °C to 65 °C.

•  Outer wind and cold protection
•  Outer air protection
•  Blower overload protection
•  Air-cooled cooling fan overload protection
•  Water cooled cooling pump protection
•  Air-cooled cooling fan overheated
•  Water cooling and cooling water is insufficient to protect
•  Password protection

In the electrical control system and refrigeration system, the relays and thermal protectors are all German Siemens brand, expansion valve Emerson/Danfus; pressure controller, dry filter and other major components are domestic and foreign famous brand products, greatly improving the reliability of the whole machine.

Reliable Performance

All refrigeration accessories and control components are brand-name products to ensure reliable operation of the unit. Each unit undergoes rigorous performance testing before leaving the factory to ensure stable and reliable performance of the factory unit.

The whole machine adopts one to four independent refrigeration circuits, which makes the unit safe and reliable, and improves the efficiency of partial load. It can also automatically balance the working hours of multiple compressors and effectively extend the service life of the unit.

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